Stabilized Gimbal Design
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Stabilized Gimbals, Pointing and Tracking

We offer application-specific gimbals and custom solutions for pointing, tracking and stabilization.

Stabilized Gimbals

We are stabilized gimbal experts that specialize in pointing, tracking and stabilization.

  • Design, simulation and implementation
  • Image stabilization
  • Comm on-the-move
  • Gimbal design and dynamics
  • Complete controller design

Guidance and Navigation Systems

We bring a strong background in dynamics, estimation and control to solve tough problems.

  • Attitude estimation (AHRS)
  • Inertial navigation (INS)
  • Guidance algorithms and simulation
  • Complete navigation and guidance system design

Recognition and Tracking

Computer vision, dynamics and estimation expertise provide complete recognition and tracking system development.

  • Automatic target recognition
  • Object detection and identification
  • Advanced target tracking and state estimation

Mechanisms and Motion Control

We understand the math and modeling needed to design high-performance mechanisms and motion control systems.

  • Complete mechanism design and simulation
  • Motion control algorithm development
  • Adaptive controllers for robotic systems