Kinematics and dynamics analysis

Kinematics and dynamics analysis

Getting the dynamics correct is an essential step to many new mechanism designs and control design efforts. IJK Controls has decades of experiences with solving complex dynamics problems.

IJK Controls uses symbolic math tools to formulate the kinematics and solve equations. Comprehensive dynamics including inertia tensors and reflected torques, for example, require painstaking attention to detail. Custom designed modules auto-code the resulting equations into real-time C or C++, leaving well-documented formulations and reducing human coding mistakes.

Optical kinematics – in which image rotation and magnification is tracked along with orientation and position – adds more complexity to already interesting geometric problems. IJK Controls has leading optical kinematic techniques and applies this experience to suggest elegant solutions and analyze existing arrangements.

Whether you are bouncing a laser off-axis of a spinning mirror, controlling an innovative vehicle concept or designing a novel manipulator for an industrial robot, we can help understand the necessary dynamics for control, without making the problem more complex than it needs to be to work.

Keywords: comprehensive dynamics, optical kinematics, inverse kinematics, symbolic math, auto-coding, code generation, Mathematica, Maple