Motion control for sewing robot

Motion control for sewing robot

A leader in the robotic sewing market asked IJK Controls to prototype a next generation motion controller concept. Unlike previous generations, this product was to have a definite break between low-level motion control and a polished touch-screen based user interface.

IJK Controls architected the overall motion control strategy and improved upon the basic robotic controls in previous generations. We quickly defined the interface between the user screens and low-level motion controller.

Next IJK Controls designed a breadboard controller for rapid prototyping. A custom motor driver board was designed and connected to an off-the-shelf microcontroller development kit and off-the-shelf wireless module. The motor control loops were closed based on encoder feedback. The breadboard system allowed us to develop the firmware and reduce risk for the production design, all while the user interface was being developed independently. In the end, the breadboard controller integrated seamlessly with the innovative touch screen interface.

The controller design was packaged on to a single board and is now in production.

keywords: motion control, system architecture, robotics, rapid proto-typing, embedded software