Structural dynamics of mechanisms

Structural dynamics of mechanisms

Customers with a variety of mechanism and motion control challenges come to IJK Controls for our structural dynamics capabilities and understanding. Besides acting as shock and vibration consultants, we have contributed at a deeper level to understanding structural issues and improvements. We have built custom motion control models that capture the behavior of bearings, belts, composites, mechanisms, welded joints and other structural components. We have developed custom code to extract structural transfer functions from finite element models.

But more important than our ability to develop advanced models is our ability to let experience drive us to the correct simple calculations and simple modeling practices that lead the most of amount insight into a design or problem without an unwieldy simulation. The simulation tool will also provide an answer, but the accuracy and usefulness of the result in entirely based on the assumptions made in the model.

IJK Controls takes pride in our ability to distill a problem to its essence and capture the root cause of a failure mode or the fundamental design limitation. We’ve been successful in analyzing everything from spinning platter vibrational modes to gunfire induced shock.

IJK Controls is experienced with industry standards for measuring and test such as random vibration Power Spectral Density or transient Shock Response Spectrum. IJK Controls has experience writing real-time code to analyze these metrics in a test or production environment. We are especially familiar with how structural dynamics can impact mechanism and motion control performance.

Keywords: controls-structure interaction, motion control, structural transfer function, mechanism design, structural dynamics, finite-element model, ANSYS, SRS, PSD