At IJK Controls, we recognize that expert talent is essential to our success.

Many companies are scared of hiring brilliant people because they are concerned that brilliant people will get bored and leave. At many companies, they do. But thanks to the start-up atmosphere, passionate team, diversity and project difficulty, brilliant people don’t get bored at IJK Controls.

Feel the energy and rapid pace of a start-up and the diversity of a consulting company all while contributing to projects for major corporations that will go into production.

We’ll gladly provide the mentorship and opportunity for you to grow as well. As a matter of fact, due to the nature of business, growth will be required. Chances are, the company’s goals and your goals can be made to work together.

We are always recruiting engineering talent – from recent graduates to senior staff – because we know good people are hard to find. Please contact us at with your resume and be prepared for a grueling (but fun) technical interview.

Your brilliance is appreciated.

We are looking for people to join our small, very talented team who are interested in:

Production planning & purchasing


Project management

Dynamics and modeling of mechanical systems, SimuLink/MATLAB

Algorithm design for high performance motion control

Embedded software

Tracking, stabilization and sensor fusion algorithm development

Mechanical design and CAD

Mixed signal circuit board design and electrical CAD

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Call, email, or use our contact form to speak with a program manager. We are eager to learn about your challenge for us.

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