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Broadcast TV Camera Stabilization

Skycam provides major sports broadcast with a suspended camera system, providing that up close view fans have come to associate with modern broadcast NFL.  IJK Controls provides the stabilization control technology (hardware and software) that is currently flying, bringing audiences amazing angles and rock solid stable shots while flying at 30 mph suspended on cables.  The unique gimbal architecture allows the camera system to be suspended from the center of gravity, allowing operation even as the cables rapidly accelerate the gimbal and camera system. Starting in 2015, Skycam began to roll out the new gimbal system.  With IJK Controls’ new sensor fusion algorithm to maximize the performance of the inertial sensors and other inputs, producers found they could use Skycam in new ways including for much longer opening shots. The new capabilities took center stage during the Falcons vs. Patriots game in 2017 when thick fog severely limited traditional fixed cameras. The broadcasters chose to use Skycam as the primary game camera and received praise from fans and journalists.