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Custom AHRS/INS Development

Many stabilized platforms require a host INS/AHRS/IMU for pointing or sometimes feedforward stabilization. High performance off-the-shelf navigation systems add significant part cost to a design while not taking advantage of the unique suite of sensors already available on the vehicle or system. A project required IJK Controls to develop a special-purpose inertial navigation system that took advantage of measurements that are already available on the vehicle.

IJK Controls formulated the navigation and attitude estimation filter equations and implemented them in an existing system simulation. The Extended Kalman filter based solution was verified with Monte Carlo covariance analysis and presented to the customer. In addition to part cost savings, the solution did not impact the mechanical packaging.

IJK Controls has the experience and tools (including a real-time code base and real-time development platform) to rapidly develop custom tracking, stabilization and estimation algorithms for new applications. We take particular pride in our ability to tightly couple tracking and estimation in high performance systems.

keywords: attitude estimation, navigation, Extended Kalman filter, Unscented Kalman filter, strapdown inertial navigation, INS, AHRS, IMU, Monte Carlo analysis, covariance analysis, algorithm rapid prototyping