Gyro Stabilized Gimbal Design2018-09-07T22:16:07+00:00

Gyro Stabilized Gimbal Design

IJK Controls designs the most innovative stabilized gimbals for a variety of industries: defense, entertainment and other commercial applications. IJK Controls has provided gyro stabilization solutions for industry leaders in all these segments. We provide the mechanical design, application specific circuit board design and of course controls, software and integration for inertially stabilized platforms. Our technology enables not only high performance precision systems, but also cost breakthroughs in new markets. For example, IJK Controls engaged with FLIR in 2010 to develop and launch a gyro stabilized gimbal for the marine boating market, building upon their successful heritage in non-stabilized imaging systems. The product was a run-away success, allowing FLIR to expand their reach into more demanding markets such as with the U.S. Coast Guard. IJK Controls has continued to support the product line growth with follow-on new offerings.