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SATCOM On-The-Move

An allied navy required a shipboard antenna system capable of supporting both satcom operation and line-of-sight data link operation (TCDL) to moving aircraft (ship-to-air) and other ships (ship-to-ship). The link budgets, concept of operations and tracking approach were different for the scenarios. RF analysis showed that the reflector and feed could support the needed performance over frequency. IJK Controls proposed a gimbal control solution that would allow the system to meet the tight pointing requirements for satcom system certification and link budgets for line-of-sight operation, over the flight envelope of potential targets. Furthermore, the proposed system featured a three-axis gimbal capable of operating in equatorial regions with the satellite close to zenith (directly over head). IJK Controls developed the stabilization, pointing and tracking algorithms, the processor and interface electronics, and all the real-time servo code to meet the unique requirements with the three-axis gyro stabilized gimbal. The system was qualified to demanding environmental requirements, including an intense shipboard EMI/EMC test. Motion table testing proved the tracking and stabilization performance of the gimbal, allowing satcom authority certification. The satcom and line-of-sight data link systems have now been deployed for several years.